Record the video and audio of the meeting or interview and save it as the minutes.


「映像」 「音声」 「ドキュメント」この3つを一括保存できるソリューションツール 【近撮<キントリ>】


What is 近撮(kintori)?

In contracts, business talks, interviews, seminars, seminars, etc. "Video," "Audio" and "Documents" are also acquired and stored together, stored directly in a dedicated data storage area, managed by account authority and data search Is an easy service. In particular, the user interface is characterized by a simple design that anyone can use.

Feature of Kintori 1

Record meetings with video and audio. It will be "minutes as it is " which enable to understand the atmosphere of the place.

If you take a meeting, not only the audio, but also the images of the members' face and color, the atmosphere of the place, etc. will be saved together, so it will be a minutes of meeting up to the atmosphere when you look back on later. It is transmitted to "real" than any other minutes. Optionally, we have a service to convert [spoken language] contained in stored voice into text data.

Feature of Kintori2

Keep “evidence” during discussion of contracts and negotiations.

It will lead to the solution that solves the truble "You said! I didn't say so!" The state of the interview / business talk is saved in the cloud / dedicated server as a video with sound as it is. You can also save document files such as PDF together. You can leave it as "evidence," who spoke about what and how, with "video", "audio" and "documents" that you can see later.


Feature of Kintori3

It is possible to search for images and documents. You can easily utilize the necessary data.

Images and documents with audio that were shot and stored are stored in a separate archive (cloud / dedicated server) for each customer. A dedicated management screen is provided for browsing and managing data, and video data can be searched in various ways such as "title search", "text search", "date and time search" and "chapter search". Therefore, even if there is a large amount of video data, you can quickly find the video / document you need by searching.

Feature of Kintori4

Save high quality video, audio and documents at once. It will be a repository of companies and your information assets.

If you save role-playing in internal and external training / seminars and in-house training, it can be used as a documentary video material.

There are a lot of turn of "KINTORI" in the customer correspondence scene in the shop

Just watching the image around the cash register is not enough information. Let's record the sound together. Especially the handling of claims is very delicate. Use Kintori to work with teams as well as responders.


Feature of Kintori5

There is a privacy mask function to protect personal information

We have a privacy mask function to hide the appearance of individuals (optional). By not letting the viewer of the video identify the person to be shot, it helps prevent personal information leakage and protect compliance within the company and in groups.

Security considerations

In order to handle video data in a secure environment, it conforms to the vulnerability measures promoted by the IPA Information Processing Promotion Organization. In addition, access to stored data is limited by account management, which reduces the risk of information leakage and abuse.

Feature of Kintori6

There is no need for a dedicated recorder! Store easily and securely from camera to cloud / dedicated server.


There is no need for a dedicated recorder. The image of the network camera is stored as it is in the cloud environment or a dedicated server, and is managed, searched, and browsed from a web browser. Data can be viewed anywhere, so data from multiple sites can be managed at once. Communication also uses secure and secure standards.


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